Suicide In India A Much More Dangerous Issue Than ‘Blue Whale’, Says Nirmal Singh 3C

The whole country was taken aback by the recent suicide case of a 14 year old boy who jumped from his window on July 30 as a part of a final step in an online game. The game ‘Blue Whale’ went viral as a challenge and became quite popular amongst the teenagers. Nirmal Singh 3C says that the game involves different levels, the challenge getting tougher with each level. It is a 50 day long game and originated in Russia in 2013. The parents of the victim said that it is all because of the impact social media has on the lives of the youth today.

Nirmal Singh 3C says that Blue Whale is a very popular game and is played in many countries. The game has already taken a hundreds of lives from all across the globe. The game involves a series of task, decided by the administrator and involves illogical and dangerous tasks like carving yourself, watching scary psychedelic videos in night, climbing high building roofs and so on and then finally provoking them to kill themselves as a final task.

The 14 year old Mumbai boy was the first case of this game in India, however the investigation is still on and it has still not been proved that the boy was actually playing the game.

However, Blue Whale is just one case. The number of suicide cases in India have been rising at a toxic rate, and that too in the teenagers. Nirmal Singh 3C says that the main reason behind it being the increased mental issues with them. Worrisome, right? But why are the teenagers so mentally affected these days, why are they so depressed or unsatisfied with their lives? The way teenagers are handling their lives these days and the increase in the number of suicides in India is matter of concern and something that we all should work towards.

Nirmal Singh 3C says that one solution to this problem is spreading awareness about mental health and trying to reach out for people who need counselling and that is only possible when they start talking about mental health normally. Mental health in India is still not given the attention is deserved and is undervalued. Once people start accepting Mental illness as something that needs equal help and attention the problem can be expected to eradicate. If not, then the ratio might keep getting worse, and we should not let that happen.