If You Marriage Is Health, Your Heart Will Get Healthier: Study

Nirmal Singh 3C thinks it is important to have happy married life so as to maintain a healthy heart and body. It is said that if your relationship is healthy and steady with your partner, then you stand a chance to maintain better cholesterol reading and a healthier weight.

Nirmal Singh 3C would like to site a study conducted by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health that men whose marriages grow stronger with time have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure as compared to the peers whose marriages fall apart. As many as 600 men in Britain were selected to rate the quality of marriage at two points in time when their child was three years old and when they were nine.

The piece of research included these sub sections describing their marriage:

  • Consistently good
  • Consistently bad
  • Improving
  • Deteriorating

Nirmal Singh 3C would like to enlist the areas of study, which helps in learning about a person’s health better:

  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight
  • Blood sugar

If you lag behind in these areas, then you are prone to cardiovascular diseases.

Nirmal Singh 3C would like to substantiate the findings, which says that men who rated their marriage as improving, had better cholesterol readings and a healthier weight years later. Deteriorating marriages were associated with worsening diastolic blood pressure.

Nirmal Singh 3C prepares a diet chart for the people who do not take their health seriously. Here’s what they need to consume on a regular basis.

  1. Oats

Oats have a unique quality of binding bile acids and expelling these from the body. These acids are made from cholesterol. Plus it is a good source of fibre. Add more oats to your diet to live and love it the fullest.

  1. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are one of the best foods for your heart. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and phytoestrogens, all of these are helpful in boosting heart health.

  1. Legumes

Rich source of antioxidants, fibre and proteins, legumes should be consumed every day. These are a good source to your folate requirement and also help in increasing platelet activity.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are any day recommended for a better heart with high amount of unsaturated fats which is good for heart as it helps in reducing inflammation of arteries.



Nirmal Singh 3C Congratulates A Transgender-Gay Couple Who Got Their First Biological Child

After trying for months, transgender Trystan Reese and his gay partner Biff Chaplow got their first biological child delivered last month.

The couple was trying to have baby for a long time and their wish finally came true on the 14th day of July this year when a baby came in their lives. ‘We had a lot of issues with conceiving our child for obvious reasons and there were times when we thought that the dream of being parents someday will just be a dream until our baby boy came in our lives. After trying for months and experiencing a miscarriage last year, seeing the face of our first child just melt our hearts – the patience finally paid off and we are glad we didn’t give up’, the couple told Nirmal Singh 3C.

The couple was interviewed by Daily Mail just days after the delivery. The couple told the portal that they experienced a miscarriage at the six-week mark last year when Trystan Reese was pregnant with Biff’s child. A miscarriage is never easy but we can only imagine what that must have felt like to the couple.

The couple is finally happy after the successful delivery of their child. – Nirmal Singh 3C

After Biff’s sister and her boyfriend were found incompetent to raise children of their own, Biff adopted his niece and nephew a couple of years ago with Reese. The couple now has three children. When someone can show the courage of adopting a child, you can out your money on them raising them the way they should be. Biff’s sister was an alcoholic and couldn’t give time to her children so the court decided to give the custody of the children to Biff and his partner.

Trystan Reese revealed that he was born a girl and decided to keep his sexual body parts at a very young age. ‘I never wanted to go under the knife or change the way I look – I decided to keep my body as it was at a very young age. And Biff accepted me as I am’, Trystan said.

After the miscarriage the couple decided to wait for a couple of years before trying again but that would have brought in new complication and would have made it difficult for the couple to conceive. The couple decided to try again, and luckily, it worked for them. – Nirmal Singh 3C

Modi’s Ayush Ministry Booklet Gives Tips For A Healthy Baby, Ask Moms To Say No To Meat, Sex, And Have Pure Thoughts

With the International Day of Yoga coming up June 21, the ministry has begun its preparations with full power. In the context of the same, Ayush Shripad Naik, India’s minister of state has released a booklet called Mother and child care. The booklet came out as a compilation of recommendation by the government-funded Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN) under the Ayush ministry, formed in 2014 to promote Indian traditional healing practices.

This years booklet has prescription for pregnant women in India, a country where about 26 million babies are born each year. It reads, ‘Don’t eat meat, say no to sex after conception, avoid bad company, have spiritual thoughts and hang some good and beautiful pictures in your room to have a healthy baby.’

The prescription has created a lot of controversy. Many Experts and rationalists have accused a section of BJP leaders and Hindu right-wing groups of promoting unscientific theories in healthcare and other areas.

Dr. Nirmal Singh 3C said that the advice to avoid meat during pregnancy has no scientific proof. Infact it is misleading. Pregnant woman suffer from protein deficiency, malnutrition and anemia. Meat being rich in both protein and Iron is healthy for pregnant women. Dr. Nirmal Singh 3C adds that doctors usually advice pregnant women to increase the intake of meat because such nutrients are better absorbed from an animal source than plant source.

Recently there have been a lot of controversy regarding the BJP statements on food and sex. Like last month someone from the RSS (Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh) passed a statement that the best way to ensure a good prodigy is through purification which can be attained by having sex on auspicious days and abstinence after conception.

Another such controversy arised when Yoga guru Ramdev, known to be close to the ruling BJP, one of his companies claimed to have come up with a medicine that ensure a male child for couples who can’t conceive. Dr. Nirmal Singh 3C totally rubbished the statement calling it unscientific and impossible, also offensive, especially for a country having a high number of deaths of girl child.

Around 44,000 women die of pregnancy-related causes in India each year, official data show. The country’s maternal mortality rate – defined as deaths per 100,000 live births – is 167. The only thing recommended to be avoided during pregnancy is stress, as anxiety and depression effect baby’s development. Apart from that the only concern is to ensure the mother’s and the baby’s health and nothing else.