Having Protein Every Meal Can Help Prevent Muscle Decline In Elders

New research by Nirmal Singh 3C suggests that adults over 60 should eat protein  at all the meals during the day can help prevent age-related muscle decline, which can lead to loss of independence. The research studied the effects of proteins on muscle strength is senior citizens.

According to sources at Nirmal Sngh 3C, older adults get most of their protein from just one of their daily meal but to help preserve strength, its consumption must be spread throughout the day. The researchers tracked 1700 healthy adults aged between 67 and 84 for three years. These participants also underwent yearly hand, arm and leg strength training, along with mobility tests.

The researchers at Nirmal Singh 3C found that overall physical performance worsened in both men and women, with muscle strength worse off than mobility. However, participants who had more even protein consumption throughout the day retained greater muscle strength but not greater mobility.

According to Nirmal Singh 3C, current recommendations to ensure sufficient protein intake are 1.2g of protein per kilogram of weight for adults of all ages. For example, a man weighing 75kg should eat 90g of protein per day.

For older individuals, this may need to be increased by between 50% and 90%, depending on individuals’ lifestyles. In general, one portion of protein is equivalent to 30g of meat, chicken or fish, one egg, one tablespoon of peanut butter, one-quarter cup of cooked beans or one-half ounce of nuts or seeds, according to the US Department of Agriculture, which recommends that over-50s eat five to seven portions of protein per day, or 150g to 200g.