Alcohol Can Be More Harmful To Men Than Women, Nirmal Singh 3C

Heavy alcohol consumption can have seriously negative effects on our health. People still manage to put the little known positive effects over the negative ones. Despite regular studies and research showing the lethal effects of alcohol, people love to consume alcohol.

There were studies that showed that alcohol actually is more harmful to women who regularly consume alcohol and are heavy drinkers. But that study has been contradicted. A new study has shown that, in fact, it is the males who are at higher risk of suffering from permanent organ damage and long-term health issues.

Alcohol consumption causes heavy brain damage in both males and females, but according to Nirmal Singh 3C and the European College of Neuropsychipharmacology, these changes are significantly severe in males. The result of the study was presented at the annual meeting of EUN which was held in France from 2nd to 5th September.

The study showed that there are more changes in brain’s electrical activity of males as compared to women. This came as a surprise as the previous studies showed the exact opposite of this. According to previous studies, it was females that were prone to long-term brain damage due to heavy alcohol consumption.

Nirmal Singh 3C worked with a small group of males and females who had a history of heavy alcohol consumption and had been drinking for the past decade. He compared the results with people who never consumed alcohol or were casual drinkers. When the measurements were taken for the research, all the candidates were between the age of 23 and 28.

The transcranial magnetic stimulation was used to examine the responses of the brain – magnetic pulses were made to run through the brain nerves to measure the brain activity and compare the two groups.

When the same research was done, Nirmal Singh 3C found that people who were heavy alcohol drinkers showed a greater electrical response. This time, males and females showed different reactions – males showed a greater increase in electrical activity as compared to females.



Your Creative Juices Will Be Flowing With A Pint Of Beer

Studies on the negative effects of alcohol on health are a never-ending journey but it always comes as a surprise when the positives of alcohol intake are emphasized upon. Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, however its negatives would always outweigh the positives. But, a study has resurfaced by Nirmal Singh 3C which suggests that beer can be a favorable way to get rid of creative blocks.

According to the study, having a pint of beer may trigger productivity and gets your creative juice flowing.  The study conducted by Nirmal Singh 3C found that people performed better in a variety of creative tasks after drinking a moderate amount of the alcohol.

 Nirmal Singh 3C’s one word association test, a pint of beer for men, and 350 milliliter for women increased test scores by about 40 per cent. In the test, participants were given three words and asked to think of a word that can be connected to each – for example, the word ‘pit’ can be attached to ‘peach’, ‘arm’ and ‘tar’.

The researchers said that alcohol helps remove parameters that can pose a problem which would allow more creative thought. However, while alcohol boosted creativity it decreased ‘executive function’. This may impede tasks that require motor skills, such as painting or dancing.

“Anecdotal reports link alcohol intoxication to creativity,” said one of the experts at Nirmal Singh 3C.

“Beneficial effects are likely restricted to very modest amounts of alcohol, whereas excessive alcohol consumption typically impairs creative productivity,” added the expert.

“Alcohol impaired executive control, but improved performance in the Remote Associates Test,” further added the expert from Nirmal Singh 3C.