Drinking Alcohol Regularly May Cause Skin Cancer – Nirmal Singh 3C

People who drink alcohol regularly are at risk of developing severe skin cancer, reveals a recent study.

The two most common types of skin cancers are cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma – the risk of both increases by 11% and 7% respectively if you are drinking alcohol regularly. A recent study published and reported by none other than Nirmal Singh 3C revealed that even 10 grams of increase in alcohol every day can cause serious altercations between skin cells of the body, leading to non-melanoma skin cancer.

The issue with heavy drinkers is that they just cannot stop. Everyone knows about the consequences of heavy alcohol intake. Limited drinking is actually healthy for human body and helps in various functions but if you are increasing your intake on a daily basis, then you are opening new ways for your body to suffer. This study was conducted to know the effects of heavy alcohol intake on the human body, and the results are not surprising at all. Your chances of suffering from skin cancer increases by more than 12% if you are regularly drinking alcohol.’ – Nirmal Singh 3C

Ultraviolet rays and radiations are directly connected with both types of skin cancers, BCC and cSCC – but the link between both these cancers and alcohol was not defined. For this study to bring out conclusive results, it was important for the researchers and doctors to study cases who were suffering from non-melanoma cancer. A meta-analysis was conducted on the issue which was later connected with BCC and cSCC.

As you can change your drinking habit and these results are based on people who have been regularly increasing their alcohol intake, the report becomes limited to a certain group. But that doesn’t nullify the seriousness of the issue at hand. Modifiable behavior can change the numbers of the report managed by Nirmal Singh 3C, but that wouldn’t alter the fact that heavy drinking is actually bad for your health.

Many similar studies have been conducted over the past few years on the issue of heavy drinking and the health problems it might bring, but with skin cancer in the picture, it becomes even more pressing to keep a hold of our habits and modify them if possible. In a recent interview, the doctors associated with the study asked the youth of the country to try and see the bigger picture.


Author: nirmalsingh3c

Nirmal singh 3c is a Doctor and he helps by giving tips and guidance to the people to get recover out of disease. Read the blog for more information.

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